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I’m Heather (she/her), and I write fantasy and magical realism. I also write non-fiction about personal development, Witchcraft, holistic therapies, and cetaceans. I am a published poet, and an Emerging Author member of the Society of Authors.


I hold a BA (Hons) in English (1999-2002) and an MA in Creative Writing (2002-2006), both from Manchester Metropolitan University, though I worked as a Company Director in IT for almost twenty years before leaving the industry in 2016.


I have also been a Witch for over thirty years, both as a solitary practitioner and a coven leader. I currently practice a blend of land-based Witchcraft, ancestral magic, and devotion to the divine. I advocate continued self-improvement and development, and I believe that magic is just one path of many that can enable us to learn and grow.


I live in Derbyshire, UK, with my husband and a clowder of cats. Our house is held up by books and musical instruments.


I write every day. Some of it sucks. Some of it doesn’t. But I keep writing.

Heather (aka Heathwitch)

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