Flower Essences

Vibrational essences are a form of complementary therapy that aids in the development and (re-)balancing of our emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Modern medicine has long known that our physical state directly impacts our emotional health, but more recently it has been determined that the reverse is also true: those who have a more positive and balanced emotional health respond more easily and readily to treatments.


This is where vibrational essences come in — liquid solutions of the energetic imprint of flowers and other natural sources, which carry the “blueprint” of positive, balanced emotional states. They can, therefore, help create a shift in awareness within the individual, supporting us whilst we effect changes in our emotional, psychological and spiritual self, and acting as a catalyst for restoring harmony in our energy systems and enhancing our life force.


As a qualified Flower Essence Therapist, I’ll listen, query and then suggest some essences for you. I can then provide you with a bespoke blend of essences for you to take away, along with instructions on how to use them.


Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner logoThe Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in England during the 1920s-1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a physician, who found that specific plants carried the blueprint of a perfectly balanced emotional state. By capturing this blueprint in water — creating a remedy from it — and then taking this remedy, there is an opportunity for this re-balancing to occur within ourselves. For instance, someone who is scared of dogs may take Mimulus; another who is overwhelmed may take Elm. The most famous of the Bach Flower Remedies is “Rescue Remedy”, which is often used for exam stress.


I am a fully qualified and insured Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner


Wild Earth Animal Essences

Continuing on from the tradition of the Bach Flower Remedies, the Wild Earth Animal Essences are co-created in Virginia, USA, via a shamanic ceremony. The “medicine” (or “wisdom”) of a particular animal is captured in water (no animal parts involved) and then taken to encourage the animal’s positive traits within yourself. For instance, someone seeking self-confidence may take Mountain Lion; another 3/4 who wishes to embrace their compassionate side may take Dolphin.


I am a fully qualified and insured Certified Practitioner of Wild Earth Animal Essences


Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences

The Alaskan Essences embrace the connection between the plant, mineral and elemental kingdoms to provide a three-fold system of healing. The gentle and transformative work of the Alaskan flower essences are anchored within the stabilising and restructuring qualities of the companioning gem elixirs, whilst the environmental essences bring a powerful energy of change to work through blockages and encourage shifts on all levels.


I am fully qualified and insured Certified Flower Essence Practitioner with Alaskan Essences.


About the Session

During a Bach Flower Remedy Consultation, I’ll listen to how you’re feeling and occasionally ask some questions for clarity. I may also reflect back some aspects of what you’re saying to ensure I am understanding you correctly. I’ll then suggest some Bach Flower Remedies which match the emotions you’re expressing, to best create a Bach Flower Remedies bottle for you. I’m there to suggest and educate, not instruct, so if you need further clarification on what Remedies are being chosen for you, please just ask.


During a Wild Earth or Alaskan Essence Consultation, I’ll listen to you about where you are at the moment, taking great care to concentrate on your emotional states. After a process of listening and appropriate questioning, I’ll then suggest some essences that may help you at this time. Because I am a co-creative Flower Essence Therapist, I’ll ask you whether each essence resonates with you, or perhaps suggest alternatives to see what doesn’t. When we find the right combination for you, I’ll create your bottle.


All sessions last appropriately 1hr – 1hr 30mins. I offer sessions in person, via Zoom, or via telephone (with essences mailed to you). You can opt to have just one session, to deal with something acute or when you’re in crisis, or a cycle of at least several sessions, approximately a month apart, to explore deeper issues.


Personal Bach Flower Remedy Mixes by Post (UK ONLY)

If you are already familiar with Bach Flower Remedies, then I am more than happy to make up a blend for you. Just get in touch with a list of your required Remedies, and I will create your bottle and mail it out to you. The cost for this service is £10 inc. UK p+p. 


Fees and Policies

Investment: £40 per session (includes UK postage if required; international please contact me to discuss)


Payment Methods: PayPal or bank transfer.


Cancellation Policy: Please give at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment. Cancellations and missed appointments will be charged in full.

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Please note: I don’t want finances to be a problem if you need the support of the essences, so I am open to payment plans or bartering/swapping. In this instance, please do get in touch to discuss.



Please note that flower and vibrational essences are not a substitute for properly-qualified medical advice or any medication. They are complementary to any orthodox medical care. Additionally, as a Flower Essence Therapist, I am unable to diagnose nor claim to cure any specific medical condition. If in doubt please seek the advice of your own GP or mental health professional.


With love and thanks to Alaskan Essences, the Bach Centre, and Wild Earth Animal Essences.

Header photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash